Travel Insurance Ratings

Travel Insurance Ratings

 Travel Insurance Ratings

U.S. News & World Report rates the best and the cheapest travel insurance providers to help travelers determine what policy will best help them protect their investment in their vacation. U.S. News evaluates travel insurance companies that specifically offer trip cancellation and interruption protection.

Best Travel Insurance Companies

To determine the Best Travel Insurance Companies, we compiled two types of third-party ratings and reviews:

Professional Ratings & Reviews: Our travel insurance ratings take into account the top credible professional sources. Professional reviewers often recommend different options. Rather than relying on a single source, U.S. News believes consumers benefit when these reviews are analyzed collectively.

Consumer Ratings & Reviews: U.S. News also researched published consumer ratings on travel insurance companies. Sources with a sufficient number of quality consumer ratings and reviews were included in our evaluation.  

In addition to third-party reviews, we review each provider's AM Best credit rating to help ensure we’re recommending providers more likely to weather major global travel disruptions.

The travel insurance companies that appear on the list are those that have a high credit rating, receive more positive consumer reviews, and accumulate numerous expert accolades.

Cheapest Travel Insurance Companies

To determine the Cheapest Travel Insurance Companies, U.S. News created sample traveler profiles for trips to different destinations at a range of price points. We used that information to get quotes for the cheapest option for 100% trip cancellation coverage for each trip. We then calculated the average cost of the trips. The travel insurance companies that appear on the list are those that have a high credit rating and offer the lowest average cost.

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